Electric Wire
Adaptor Series Plug
Add: Wugong Bridge, Yunlou, Mazhu Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: 0574-62457557
Fax: 0574-62457552

Yuyao Shuangxiong Rubber Wire Co., Ltd. lies in beautiful Hangzhou Gulf, Close to Hangzhou-Ningbo expressway, national highway 329, the traffic is very convenient.

The company is established before ten years, and live plainly and struggle hard through joint efforts of everybody, made the proud achievement. Company's product "YunQiu" brand electric wire and plug pass national authentication the "CCC"s of in the China centers successively already, and pass the German "VDE", etc., and has gained the favorable comments of the masses of customers and trade company.

Our company is with the aim that "quality is as the life, for the purpose of serving, by winning the market sincerely", Welcome all parts warmly the traveling trader comes over.

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